Hai Duong Medical Technical University

Hai Duong Medical Technical University has a mission to train General Medicine, Medical Technology and Nursing at the undergraduate level, graduate and lower levels; Scientific research, technology development and health care delivery. With more than 50 years of construction and development, the University has become a reliable and reputable place to train medical technicians, contributing significantly to the provision of human resources.

Memorandum of understanding Ceremony

Nearly 80% students who graduate from this university, get a job after graduation, and all have trusted by many medical institutions from central hospitals to localities in the whole country.

UNIVERSITY of human arts and SCIENCEs

University of Human arts and Sciences, formerly a medical school, has more than 30 years of experience in nursing training (nurse practitioners, community nurses), rehabilitation technician training (prosthetist, physiotherapist). In particularity, the university chooses the new academic field as mental health science as the foundation of the training; This science filef consider both the function of the parts of “the body” and the activities of “the mind” such as cognition, emotion, as well as social factors, cultural and environmental factors. Each has been effected to others, so the existence of human beings is understood as the object of organic activity. Thus, the field includes an integrated approach to human sciences (brain science and psychology, life sciences, immunology and physiology, anthropology and The evolution of nature, developmental psychology and cognitive psychology, and oriental medicine), towards a broader and deeper theoretical synthesis of matter; From there, to conduct educational and training activities. We use the know-how accumulated in medical training of two universitíe to co-operate and develop.


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